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What to Write in a Wedding Card

A wedding card is the best place to write your heartfelt and warm messages and express your best wishes to the bride and groom. But, the thing is that it can actually be quite tricky to know what to write on that piece of paper. It doesn’t matter if you will be sending the card to your best friend or a distant relative because there is always that risk of running out of the right words to say.

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Now, you don’t need to worry at all. In fact, it doesn’t have to be too hard to craft the best wedding card message. And if it is any consolation, there are no definitive rules when it comes to the things you can and cannot write.

However, to be sure that you stay on the safe side, there are a few things you need to remember before you decide to put your pen on paper.

Think of the Couple

The tone of the wedding wish you will write mostly depends on the couple themselves. Consider the kind of relationship with the bride and groom to help you determine the kind of message that suits them best. If it is your best office buddy, a joke will probably sit well with him. But, if your stern aunt will be the one getting married, it would be better to stick to something a bit formal. Remember, the newlyweds and the relationship you have with them will serve as your basis for the words you will say and not say on your card.

Expressing Your Congratulations

You can say your congratulations to the couple on the wedding card. Back in the days, congratulating a newly married bride was something that was taken the wrong way. This is because it might be considered as an insult since it will feel like you are congratulating the bride for finding her man at last. The good news is that this ridiculous rule no longer applies today. But, if you are not that close with the couple, a simple “best wishes” will already be enough.

Should You Be Formal or Casual?

If formal wedding wishes are a bit uncomfortable for you, you don’t need to say them at all. You can just be yourself. There is nothing wrong with writing a wedding message that is more casual whoever the recipient may be. You can go for something sweet and short. The whole point here is to say something nice and your well wishes for the wishes of the new couple.

On the other hand, formal weddings filled with tuxes and floor-length dresses don’t necessarily mean that the wedding card you send is also formal containing some stuffy words. Just so you know, your wedding card doesn’t need to be a perfect match for the occasion or the dress code. But, if you like a romantic and eternal message, you can never go wrong with a more formal note.

Are Funny Messages Okay?

Funny messages in wedding cards are acceptable, that is, if you know the bride and groom well. They will surely treasure your card containing some funny words, jokes, and nicknames. Just make sure you keep it clean and conservative in case they want to show your card to their kids or display it on the mantelpiece.

The general rule of thumb here is to stay away from snarky or sarcastic jokes. You also need to steer clear of what might be deemed as insulting. Of course, divorce jokes are also a big no-no.

How to Go About in Writing a Wedding Card

Once the wedding day is only a few days away and you already found the best card for the couple, it is now time for you to finally sit down and start writing. Make sure that you follow the tips below for writing your wedding card and express your heartfelt message for the union:

Get started by thanking the couple first for inviting you over for their big day and sharing such a special moment of their life with you. They will always appreciate it if you recognize and acknowledge the weight of this kind of special and momentous invitation.

Once you have expressed your gratitude for the invite, you can now add some of your personal thoughts to the note. As stated earlier, based on how close you are to the couple, this message may be inspirational or religious or even a fond memory that you shared with the couple. It can also be simple words of encouragement for the new chapter of their lives. Make sure that you take extra caution with humor and be tactful from beginning to end. You don’t want the couple to misunderstand you, especially because there is no face to face interaction here.

Lastly, you can conclude your message by expressing your well wishes to the bride and group as they enter their journey together. Once again, it would be probably be a wise decision to stay away from jokes about the dangers of being married. Don’t forget that the newlyweds are both looking forward to their marriage and for this reason, your wedding card must add up to the excitement they feel and give them the reassurance and support they need and not discourage them or make things feel too negative.

Write Your Wedding Card from the Heart

At the end of the day, never forget that your wedding card will express how happy you are about the marriage. This means that you can never go wrong as long as you write your wishes and messages in a genuine and warm way and you write every single word from your heart.

Just think of the words that you would also love to read in the cards if your own wedding day comes then use it as an inspiration to help you get started in writing your well wishes. When you do so, you can be sure that the couple will treasure your wedding cards for life!

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