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What to Wear to A Wedding

Weddings are extra special occasions where some rules are often left unspoken. This is especially the case when it comes to the clothes you can wear if you are attending one as a guest. Although some couples make it easier for their guests by indicating the dress code or lack thereof on their invitations, others usually fail to do so.

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If you have been invited to a wedding and you are completely clueless on what to wear and not to wear, there are a few basic things you need to know and remember.

What to Wear to Black Tie Weddings

Black tie is the dress code that is typically reserved for weddings held at night and this means that you should give it your best shot.

For black tie weddings, the best choices for ladies are those fabulous gowns that graze the ground. Female guests can also wear cocktail length gowns as long as these still look classy and elegant. Of course, make sure to pair these stunning gowns with a dressy pair of heels.

As for the males, a black tie wedding is the perfect opportunity for them to put on their tuxedo and unleash their inner James Bond. For men who might not be fond of bow-ties, it is also acceptable to opt for the sophisticated black tie instead.

What to Wear to Cocktail Weddings

The cocktail dress code is only a notch lower than the formal look. If you are a man invited to a cocktail wedding, it is best to wear a darker suit that can charcoal, black, or navy. You can also pair a blazer and smart trousers. Throw in a shirt with a lighter tone into the mix and add a suitable tie to achieve that stunning cocktail look.

Ladies have a lot of available options to choose from with this dress code. It is a must to wear a dress and make sure that it is not too revealing or too short. Always make sure that your outfit looks smart and dressy at the same time.

What to Wear to Destination or Beach Weddings

If the wedding you will attend will be held at the beach or at a special destination, make sure you pack the best and most suitable outfit. The weather is one of the most important factors you need to consider. In case you will go to a place with a warmer and more temperate climate, lighter clothes should be added to your luggage. Warmer weather requires dressy sandals and light flowery dresses on the part of the women. As for the gents, collared shirts or linen suits paired with dressier pants or works can work just fine.

What to Wear to Formal Weddings

If the wedding invitation states that there is a formal dress code, it is optional to wear a black tie. For events like this, men have the option to put on their black suit or tuxedo. These are most often paired with a black tie although you can also opt for a bowtie to make it more stylish. Cocktail dresses are the best choices for women and these can be midi or floor length. Also, be sure finish your look with attractive heels and a few pieces of elegant jewelry.

What to Wear to Semi-Formal Weddings

Semi-formal weddings sit right across the casual weddings. This means that your attire must still have a touch of formal element. However, the good news here is that you got more options to choose from.

Suits are easiest and best choices for men. Daytime weddings will require lighter toned suits while nighttime weddings will call for darker colored suits. Make sure that you stay away from anything black as this will make you look too formal. It is also optional to wear ties so it is all a matter of personal preference.

Meanwhile, cocktail or full length dresses are considered acceptable for the ladies. If you prefer to stand out and deviate from the common dresses, the chic options you can consider include stylish jumpsuits or pantsuits.

What to Wear to Smart Casual Weddings

From the name itself, you can easily guess that the smart casual dress code creates that more laidback and relaxed vibe for a wedding. While it is easy assume that you can just pair a nice top with your jeans since it is smart casual after all, it is not really the case.

Some lovely choices for women include a dress, pants, or skirt. These can be paired with dressy sandals or heels and a gorgeous top. A nice pair of pants or trousers and a collared shirt is smart and casual at the same time for the gents.

What to Wear to White Tie Weddings

White tie weddings are probably the most regal and formal weddings out there. The mere mention of a white tie dress code will make you instantly think of royal weddings befit those royal families. A white shirt, white bow tie, black tailcoat, and formal black make up the best ensemble for the gentlemen. Full-length ball gowns will surely make the ladies look stunning during these occasions.

Other Important Rules to Remember

There are some specific guidelines that are applicable for all types of weddings regardless of dress codes. Make sure you avoid breaking the following rules:

Adhere to the dress code at all costs.

It doesn’t matter if the dress code is your own taste and style or not because this is the special day of the bride and groom, not yours. Always stick to their provided guidelines and ask if in doubt.

Keep your look appropriate.

Make sure you always maintain the appropriate look whether the wedding will only be attended by your family, friends, and people you know or mostly unfamiliar faces. You should look sophisticated and classy at all times and forget about plunging necklines, mini dresses, and ripped jeans.

Stay away from white.

You might end up upsetting the bride if you wear white and end up grabbing the attention of guests for the wrong reasons. Ditch your white dress and give the bride the chance to shine on this special day of her life. But, if white is allowed in the dress code, this is the only time you can give it a go.

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