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Top 10 Ways to Save Money and Have a Cheap Wedding

Weddings are the most important event in the life of any individual. People plan a lot to organize their wedding day to make it the best and most memorable day of their life. However, this may cost them a lot of money. They are forced to spend more than they can afford. Some people spend their savings on their wedding events, and some people take out loans for this purpose. So, for making one day wondrous, they spend the effort of many months and sometimes years. However, you can make your event unique by some different kinds of planning. You can cut down on your wedding expenses and still manage to organize a spell-bound event.

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What to Do to Save Money

You must be thinking about how it is possible. So, let’s dive into the details of how you can cut down on your wedding budget.

1. Guestlist

Your guest list defines your budget. The more people you invite, the more will you have to pay for refreshing them as for every person added to your list, you will spend a particular amount. So, it is recommended only to invite those who matter to you.

  • Your family
  • Your close friends

However, you can also invite a few colleagues and neighbors if you have good terms with them.

2. Choose the Perfect Date

If you plan to choose weekends for the wedding, it may cost you more than the working days. The reason is that everyone prefers to organize the event at weekends. So, instead of choosing Saturday, Sunday; Think about Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. These days might be difficult for your guests. But, if they want to join your ceremony, they will manage to come.

3. Wedding Dress

A wedding dress is the most expensive things about marriage. However, you can get a good quality dress.

By doing research online

You need not stick to a few renowned brands for your wedding dress as they can cost you a lot. Do complete research, visit online shops of dozens of brands to look for some elegant and economical dress. If you don’t manage to get one. You can take the idea of what you want to get designed by yourself. But, this thing requires a lot of effort. However, it makes sure that you will wear your customized dream wedding dress at an economical rate on your special day.

By shopping sample sale

Shopping sample dresses are a great way to get designer dresses at a very high discount. If you wear size 8, 10, or 12, this is a great opportunity to get the wedding dress.

4. Invitation Cards

Normally, people spend hundreds of dollars in designing and publishing invitation cards. The purpose of cards is to inform the people about the event. Don’t you think it is the mere wastage of your bucks?

We are living in the digital world, and so we should encourage digital cards. Designing digital cards is not difficult if you know graphic design a little. However, you can hire someone who can design your wedding card at an economical rate. It would be better if you have a designer family member or friend.

5. Food Menu

When it comes to decide what should be in the food menu, you are not supposed to add fancy dishes with meat in all. You can serve a variety of food. Try to include delicious, low-cost items in your menu.

However, it also depends on your venue; if you have booked a venue that requires you to choose from its menu, that’s another thing. But, if there is no such restriction. If you can get your food and cutlery, it will be great for you. This allows you to get food and cutlery at a relatively low cost and of great quality.

5. Decoration

The decoration is one of the most important things about the marriage ceremony. People spend thousands of dollars on decorating the venue. But, you can cut down on your expenses by using seasonal flowers.

Seasonal flowers

Seasonal flowers come at a very low cost as compared to non-seasonal flowers. So, instead of looking for expensive flowers. You should look for seasonal flowers.

Local flowers

If some decorating flower is not local to your area, it may cost you more than the flowers that grow in your locality.

Prefer greenery over flowers

You can even choose greenery for decorating your venue. For this purpose, you can search for decorating ideas online. Using greenery for decorating is a comparatively economical idea.

Benefit church decor

If you are organizing a wedding on days near some event in the church, you can save a lot on decoration as this can help you benefit from the decoration of the church for the event.

6. Resource your friends

You should look at how your friends can help you minimize your budget. You can ask them for help by getting different roles. Like you can ask them for use in decoration, catering and other wedding chores rather than hiring staff for this purpose.

7. Choose a venue

Choose some venue that doesn’t cost you a lot of money. You can choose some.

Historical place

Choosing some historical place for your wedding can be a great idea. This not only saves your money but also provides you with a great photography spot. Moreover, your money on decoration can also be minimized to a great extent.


Organizing events in any restaurant can help you save your bucks you may spend on tables, chairs, and cutlery. Moreover, you can get a fancy decoration there.

8. Photography

If you have some photographer friends, it is more than just good for you. However, if you want to hire a photographer, you need to look for some beginner trying to make his way in the profession. Such a photographer can provide you with quality service with more dedication.

9. Get second-hand items

If any friend in your circle has just got married, she must-have items for decorating the venue. Ask her to help you by lending you the decorating items. This way, you can save a lot of bucks. Moreover, if you can manage to get some other things like a wedding dress from some second-hand shop, this can help you with your budget.

10. Cut your transportation

It is suggested to keep your ceremony and reception places close together, just within walking distance. This can help you save a lot that you will otherwise spend on vehicles and their fuel,

Final words

So, this is all you can do to make sure not to waste a single penny on your wedding day.

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