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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

If you are lucky, a wedding is something that only happens once in your life. And of course, this once in a lifetime moment also needs a once in a lifetime venue. Unfortunately, many couples often have a hard time finding the right wedding venue that they end up settling for the first one that comes along. This kind of reckless decision can easily compromise your big day and can leave you and your wedding guests disappointed.

To save you from the hassle and wrong decisions, here are a few tips you need to remember on how to choose the perfect wedding venue for this significant milestone in your life.

Think of the Overall Budget for Your Wedding

Couples follow a specific budget for their wedding and this amount has a big impact on the venue you will choose. If your budget is a bit lavish, a five star hotel can be a good choice. However, if you would rather tighten your belt a bit, you can always look for local and cheaper venues. The takeaway here is to make sure that your chosen wedding venue is something that suits your budget and won’t blow it over to the point that you no longer have any money left for other things and concerns.

Know How Many Invited Guests You Have

Don’t pick any wedding venue without checking your guest count first. Be very wise in planning to make sure that you got enough room to accommodate all the people you invited. Choose a venue that also has sufficient space in the event that some guests arrive on the last minute. If you want to be surer with this, you can also request your guests to RSVP upon receiving your wedding invitation to get a good idea off the exact number of guests who will turn up during your big day.

Check the Size

The size of your prospect wedding venue is another important factor you need to consider during your decision-making. A venue that is too small or cramped may be too bothersome and uncomfortable. On the other hand, the intimacy of your wedding can easily get lost if your venue happens to be a large open space.

The specific number of guests you have affects the size of your wedding venue. As mentioned earlier, make sure you have a rough idea of the number of guests who will attend your big day before you start your quest for a wedding venue. Avoid being too vague with the head count. Saying that you want to invite 100 to 300 guests can make a big difference.

Also, make sure that your chosen venue has enough room to accommodate a dance area. Having more guests also means your dance area should also be bigger and more spacious.

Confirm the Accessibility

For destination weddings, you need to be sure that your potential wedding venue is convenient and accessible for both public transport and the airport. Make sure that the place won’t be too out of way or too far-flung that it would take long hours of driving before your guests can get there.

Due to accessibility concerns, there are couples who choose to hold their wedding ceremony in a hotel where the guests’ accommodations are also located. You also need to check if the venue is only exclusive for adults or if it is also children-friendly.

Determine the Venue’s Restrictions

Some venues have certain restrictions such as noise restrictions that mean that you won’t be able to use a loud sound system or hire a band. Other venues also implement time restrictions while others allow their clients to party till they drop. And there are also those venues with restrictions when it comes to the decorations you can use and put up and where you can place them.

Due to these restrictions, it is also important to check first if the venue will let you have your own decorator, caterer, florist, and others since some venues only allow the use of their own contractors and vendors.

Available Facilities and Amenities

Everyone has their own visions of what your wedding day will be like. So, during your search for a wedding venue, try list down all the things you expect and need the venue to have. For example, a pretty and scenic setting is a must for outdoor weddings. Maybe you want a good view of the sparkling seawaters or you want a lovely gazebo in the setting.

You also have to inquire if the venue has its own catering. Decide if you wish a sumptuous meal with five courses or if you would rather go for a simple buffet. You also have to determine if you and your guests will stay at the venue all night long. If this is the case, check if the venue also offers a DJ, musical entertainment, and a big enough room for dancing.

Stay Updated with the Weather Forecast

Will you be having an outdoor or an indoor wedding? More and more couples today go for outdoor weddings such as those held at the beach because it makes everything more romantic complete with a stunning backdrop for photos.

But, if you are planning to hold your wedding outdoors, it is important that you check the weather forecast for your wedding date. This is something you need to do at least one week ahead of time. It won’t hurt to be ready and having a good plan B if rain suddenly pours on your wedding day.

Proper Research is a Big Must

At the end of the day, choosing the perfect wedding venue is all about doing your research. Make sure to tour and visit as many venues as you can and list down your favorite ones. Once you have narrowed down your list, research about each venue carefully. Go online to their official websites and read reviews of past couples. A personal visit will also give you a good feel of the place so you can instantly feel it in your heart if this is the one, just as how you felt that your partner is the right one for you!

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